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Our Daycare
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Our daycare program

In our daily program, we strive to provide children with an environment which encourages fine motor and gross motor skills development. We focus on enhancing children’s ability to develop emotionally, socially, intellectually while building self- esteem, confidence, and a sense of belonging.

Some of our fine motor activities include painting, play dough fun, puzzles, arts, crafts, baking, lego, music instruments, train, cars, trucks and much more.

Some of our gross motor activities include dramatic play, parachute play, sports such as soccer, hockey, baseball, yoga, ballet classes, climbing, field trips, outdoor adventures, nature/park walks and many more depending on weather and conditions.

in our preschool program

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

At preschool, we encourage our children to learn about different cultures, the calendar (months, days of the week, etc.), the seasons, basic math, reading, writing and much more.

We believe that by having a preschool program in our centres children learn how to take turns, share ideas, and socialize in groups.

how we handle

Discipline and Behaviour

Our child care educators provide a positive guidance, incorporating creative teaching and involvement to help children develop self-discipline and inner control over their actions. This is based on mutual respect and an understanding of children’s needs and development. Educators provide positive guidance such as redirection, consistency of rules, and acceptance of feelings, firmness, and fairness. Children are encouraged to express their feelings verbally or physically to discuss and resolve conflicts or misunderstanding between each other.

Daily Routine

7 :30 Centre Opens
7 :30 Free Play | Individual Reading
8 :30 Bathroom Time
8 :50 Morning Snack
9 :20 Preschool Program | Morning Circle| Reading | Science Activity | Arts and Crafts
11:20 Indoor/Outdoor Gross Motor Play | Morning Walk | Field Trip
12:20 Bathroom Time
12:30 Lunch
13 :10 Circle Reading
13 :20 Rest/Nap Time
15 :20 Bathroom Time
15 :30 Afternoon Snack
15 :50 Group Play
16 :40 Individual Reading
17 :00 Free Play
17 :30 Centre Closes