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#1 – 1001 Royal Avenue
New Westminster 

New Westminster

728 Colborne Sreet
(Multi Age)


8547 11th Avenue (Preschool)
8486 16th Avenue (Infant & Toddler)

Apply to join our Daycare

If you would like a spot in our daycare, please click the link below to open our application form.


Before applying, please note:

  • Tours are only scheduled when we have an opening. We are unable to accomodate dropin tours and we do not allow anyone access without a prior appointment.
  • A tour does not guarantee a spot in our centre.
  • We have been receiving a large numbers of applications and are unable to follow-up with each one individually unless your application fits . We will reach out when a spot becomes available and provide further details on how to register for a tour.
  • Please fill out the form completely with all relevant details.
  • Set the start date to the earliest you wish to enroll your child. (ie: if you select April and a spot becomes available in March, you would not be contacted as you would not show up as an available applicant in our system)

We are aware that I/T spots are quite limited and it can be a frustrating expoerience, especially as a new parent. We recommend applying as early as possible and providing as many relevant details as you can in the details section. We do read those and we do take them into account!

Send a Message

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please email us at:

[email protected]

If you’re wondering where you are on our waitlist, we generally cannot provide an accurate answer. The number of people ahead of your for a date range can be very inaccurate as many might have already found other arrangement by the time a spot opens up.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, do not hesistate to contact us.

Are your daycares licensed?
All our daycare facilities are fully licensed and inspected by Fraser Health. All of our staff members are fully qualified and have all the required certificates, background checks, and training completed and up to date.
Are you part of the daycare fee reduction program?

All of our centres are currently enrolled in the program and our pricing includes the discount.

What is your ratio?
Our ratio is 1 staff member per 4 children.
Do you provide lunches?

We facilitate lunches and snacks by requiring parents to help by bringing 2 food item per month. Our staff takes care of preparing and serving it.

For our commercial centre, we are exploring partnering up with a catering company.

How do i schedule a tour?

Due to the large number of applications we receive, we can only schedule a tour when we have a spot available. Once you submit an application and we have a spot available that suits your request, we will contact you to schedule a visit.

Is my spot guaranteed if i come for a tour?

A tour of our centre does not guarantee a spot. Once we finish all the tours for the spots we have available we will inform you of our decision.

Any advice for getting a spot faster?

Turnaround usually happens in September, if your start date is set for October, odds are you will miss the enrollment period.

What's my spot on the waitlist/how long is my wait time?

We used to be able to predict this much better in the past, but lately we find parents apply to multiple centres and our waitlist numbers skyrocketed. The flip side is that a lot of parents might have already found an arrangement by the time a spot opens up, so the people ahead of you for a given start date is not a very accurate number!

We are looking at ways to improive this.

Infant & Toddler Centre

Multi Age Centre

Multi Age Centre